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💻 macOS setup script for front-end development

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🐝 Formation

Let's get in formation

Formation is a shell script to set up a macOS laptop for design and development.

It can be run multiple times on the same machine safely. It installs, upgrades, or skips packages based on what is already installed on the machine.


Download the script:

git clone git@github.com/minamarkham/formation.git && cd formation

Review the script (please don't run scripts you don't understand):

less slay


cd formation
./slay 2>&1 | tee ~/slay.log

Just follow the prompts and you’ll be fine. 👌

⚠️ Warning: I advise against running this script unless you understand what it’s doing to your computer.

I created this based on my own preferences; your mileage may vary.

Once the script is done, quit and relaunch Terminal.

It is highly recommended to run the script regularly to keep your computer up to date.

Your last Formation run will be saved to ~/slay.log. To review it, run less ~/slay.log.

That's it!

What it sets up

The setup process will install:

Basic tools:
Package Managers:
  • NVM for managing and installing multiple versions of Node.js and npm
  • Rbenv for managing versions of Ruby
  • Yarn for managing JavaScript packages
CLI Tools & Utilities:
  • asciinema for recording terminal sessions
  • Gulp the streaming build system
  • Hotel, a simple process manager for developers
  • Hub for interacting with the GitHub API
  • hugo, an open-source static site generator
  • ImageMagick to create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images
  • mas Mac App Store command line interface
  • Tig text-mode interface for git
  • Vagrant for development environments


  • Airmail for a better mail client.
  • Alfred for increased productivity and efficiency with macOS.
  • Fantastical for a better calendar.
  • Things for getting things done.
  • Bear for writing and previewing markdown.
  • Skype for free calls to friends and family.
  • Slack where work happens.
  • Ulysses for long-form writing.
  • Blisk for cross-device web development.
  • Brave for web browsing without ads.
  • Chrome for fast and free web browsing.
  • Firefox for web browsing and testing.
  • TorBrowser for super secret web browsing.

See swag for the full list of apps that will be installed. Adjust it to your personal taste.

It should take less than 20 minutes to install (depends on your machine).

🌶 Just add ~/.hot-sauce

I got hot sauce in my bag

Your ~/.hot-sauce is added at the end of the Formation script. Put your customizations there. For example:

#!/usr/bin/env bash


NERDFONTS_RELEASE=$(curl -L -s -H 'Accept: application/json' https://github.com/ryanoasis/nerd-fonts/releases/latest)



step "Making directories…"
for dir in ${DIRECTORIES[@]}; do
    mkd $dir

step "Installing fonts…"
for font in ${NERDFONTS[@]}; do
    if [ ! -d ~/Library/Fonts/$font ]; then
        printf "${indent}  [↓] $font "
        wget -P ~/Library/Fonts https://github.com/ryanoasis/nerd-fonts/releases/download/$NERDFONTS_VERSION/$font.zip --quiet;unzip -q ~/Library/Fonts/$font -d ~/Library/Fonts/$font
        print_in_green "${bold}✓ done!${normal}\n"
        print_muted "${indent}$font already installed. Skipped."

Write your customizations such that they can be run safely more than once. See the slay script for examples.

Formation functions such as step and link can be used in your ~/.hot-sauce.

Known Issues

Cask does not recognize applications installed outside of Homebrew Cask – in the case that the script fails, you can either remove the application from the install list or uninstall the application causing the failure and try again.


Inspiration and code was taken from many sources, including:

📜 License

Formation is customized for my own needs. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.

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💻 macOS setup script for front-end development


License:MIT License


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