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Scripts to transfer Zend Framework repositories to Laminas/Mezzio/LaminasApiTools

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Laminas Transfer

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Library to transfer ZF repositories to Laminas Project.


Use the following command to calculate the order of repositories to transfer:

$ bin/console dependencies <org> <github token>

Generate github token on: https://github.com/settings/tokens

Then to transfer the repository use the command:

$ bin/console transfer <org>/<name> <path>

It is recommended to use RamDisk as a path for better performance.

It will clone the repository and rewrite the entire history (all commits) by replacing all references to ZendFramework with Laminas.


  • remove gh-branch, it will be recreated later (by travis)
  • generate composer.lock at the very end, when all packages are rewritten and pushed
  • keep original links to issues/PRs (also in CHANGELOG.md)
  • keep references to original issues/PRs (starting with # and number)
  • rewrite all commits messages and tag contents
  • create new repository using GitHub API
  • update repository description/website, keywords (as in composer?)
  • push all branches and tags
  • decide what to do with open issues (if we are going to move them or not)
  • we are not going to move currently open PRs, so we need decide what to do with them before transfer
  • consistent release tags (without release-/v prefix, rc/alpha/beta - without dash and dot before number)
  • register on packagist
  • enable coveralls/Travis CI
  • create labels on github
  • rewrite assets in apigility
  • issues with configuration in apigility - zf-apiglity-... keys
  • component-installer must support "zf" and "laminas"
  • new PR/issues templates (remove old one and add new one into .github directory)
  • update all labels on github to have consistent across all packages
  • namespaced constants (like src/constant.php in expressive) (NOTICE: legacy constant values are changed - these are now aliases to new constants)
  • DI keys - we need to alias legacy keys to new one
  • Service Manager Plugin Managers - for example https://github.com/zendframework/zend-inputfilter/blob/master/src/InputFilterPluginManager.php#L46-L54 (we need to move these to aliases to refer to new one).

Additional tool/command to rewrite vendor packages

For testing purposes we would need to write another command which will rewrite the whole vendor of the given project, run composer dump-autoload. We need to rewrite all zend/zf packages in vendor, but only the current version, so it should be fairly quick. We need to install bridge library and after this operation the service should work as before.

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Scripts to transfer Zend Framework repositories to Laminas/Mezzio/LaminasApiTools



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