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This repository is a collection of Angular components and demos with full documentation.

See the Changelog for the development diary of this site, or visit the documentation of libraries.

You can also find a fully searchable API documentation for all @tinynode components.




This library provides Angular support for EditorJS. Inside the module you will find:

  • NgxEditorJSDirective - An Angular Directive used to attach an EditorJS instance to any block DOM element
  • NgxEditorJSComponent - An out-of-the-box Angular component that is Reactive Forms compatible
  • NgxEditorJSMaterialFieldComponent An Angular Material Form Field component that provides all the required properties and life-cycle events required. See the Form Demo on an example usage
  • NgxEditorJSService - A Service that can be injected into an application to provide a interface to interact with EditorJS instances. Underneath are the private NgxEditorJSPluginService and NgxEditorJSInstanceService services. These are private but can be imported via ɵNgxEditorJSPluginService and ɵNgxEditorJSInstanceService from the library if you want to use them.

Within these components you will be able to access the underlying EditorJS instance, for use see the EditorJS API Docs

Below are the dependencies to use the features.


This project provides a set of features for using EditorJS within Angular 7+


This project provides the plugin service module that exports handles plugins for @tinynodes/ngx-editorjs. The module also ships a set of default plugins and documentation on how to add new ones easily.

Development Information

This repository is run by Tane Piper and was generated using Nx.

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Monorepo for components released on NPM @tinynodes




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