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Documentation for the AVA platform

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This is the repository containing the documentation for the Avalanche Platform.


This software uses pipenv to manage its dependencies. To build these docs, you must install the pipenv tool. The pipenv tool is a package manger which creates a virtual environment for the software its managing, similar to npm in nodejs.

On Ubuntu 18.04, using pip3:

sudo pip3 install pipenv

From the directory root, type:

pipenv install


To build the docs, type:

pipenv run mkdocs build


To view the documents, first build them as described above, then type:

pipenv run mkdocs serve

This will display:

[I 200124 17:53:24 server:296] Serving on
[I 200124 17:53:24 handlers:62] Start watching changes
[I 200124 17:53:24 handlers:64] Start detecting changes

Now your docs will be served from the url above.

In addition, the generated documents are placed into the "/site" folder in the document root. In that folder, open the index.html file is the root of the documents when posted online.


The documentation is generated from MarkDown files located in the "/docs" folder in the document root. Edit the *.md files in that folder and then re-build the site. DO NOT EDIT CONTENTS OF THE SITE FOLDER DIRECTLY!!!

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Documentation for the AVA platform

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