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The project is based on an image and text retrieval system

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Image and text retrieval system based on Milvus

This project is based on a paper Composing Text and Image for Image Retrieval - An Empirical Odyssey,The project is an image retrieval task in which an input query is specified as an image and a modified text description of the image is used for image retrieval


Milvus 0.10.4



Data preparation

Download the dataset from this external website.

Make sure the dataset include these files: <dataset_path>/css_toy_dataset_novel2_small.dup.npy <dataset_path>/images/*.png

Run model with

First, the TIRG model needs to be cloned:

cd tirg
git clone

Then you need to install the Python environment:

pip install -r requirement

To run our training & testing:

cd tirg
python --dataset=css3d --dataset_path=./CSSDataset --num_iters=160000 \
  --model=tirg --loss=soft_triplet --comment=css3d_tirg

python --dataset=css3d --dataset_path=./CSSDataset --num_iters=160000 \
  --model=tirg_lastconv --loss=soft_triplet --comment=css3d_tirgconv

If you don’t want to run the training model and the test model separately, we can run the baseline model directly:

python --dataset=css3d --dataset_path=./CSSDataset --num_iters=160000 \
  --model=concat --loss=soft_triplet --comment=css3d_concat

All log files will be saved at ./runs/<timestamp><comment>. Monitor with tensorboard (training loss, training retrieval performance, testing retrieval performance):

tensorboard --logdir ./runs/ --port 8888

Load data

Before running the script, please modify the parameters in webserver/src/common/

Parameter Description Default setting
MILVUS_HOST milvus service ip address
MILVUS_PORT milvus service port 19530
MYSQL_HOST Mysql service ip
MYSQL_PORT Mysql service port 3306
MYSQL_USER Mysql user name root
MYSQL_PWD Mysql password 123456
MYSQL_DB Mysql datebase name mysql
MILVUS_TABLE default table name milvus_k

Please modify the parameters of Milvus and MySQL based on your environment. Before executing this code, you need to put the vector img.npy file for the target image under the tirg/css path

$ cd ..
$ python ./tirg/css

Run webserver

Start Image-Text retrieval system service.

$ python
# You are expected to see the following output.
Using backend: pytorch
Using backend: pytorch
INFO:     Started server process [35272]
INFO:     Waiting for application startup.
INFO:     Application startup complete.
INFO:     Uvicorn running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)

You can get the API by typing into your browser.


The project is based on an image and text retrieval system


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