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Intellij plugin for add a button on the commit dialog to add gitmoji

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Gitmoji Plus: Commit Button

Add a gitmoji emoticon in your commits to make them sexier! This plug-in will help you to choose and add the gitmoji, via a button in the Commit window, among a predefined list of emoticons coming from reference commit rules.

Features :

  • Button near the Commit History Message allow to dispay the list of gitmoji
  • Option to use the code () or the unicode version ()
  • Insert or replace the gitmoji before the message (keep the git commit message)
  • Shortcut to open the list : ctrl alt g (or cmd alt g on mac)
  • Load the list of gitmoji on startup from the repos of gitmoji (fallback to a local list if error).

See the gitmoji website for have the list of Emoji and their signification.

Button to add gitmoji List to choose gitmoji Config to use unicode instead text code Insert gitmoji unicode


In IntelliJ, go to preference, then Plugins, and search Gitmoji by Patrice de Saint Steban. After install, and restart, you will have a button on the commit dialog.


You can contrib by adding issues, or create pull request.

  • Import the project in IntelliJ.
  • Write your code
  • Use graddle tasks runIde to run and test the plugin

Publish plugin

First time, copy to

Execute the publishPlugin gradle task

Inspiration plugin

This plugin was inspired from the plugin created by @biezhi : Thanks for his works.


Intellij plugin for add a button on the commit dialog to add gitmoji

License:Apache License 2.0


Language:Kotlin 100.0%