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Autocorrect from quotes to backticks

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Template String Converter

This extension converts a string to a template string when "${" is typed.

typing a dollar sign then open curly brace within a string converts the quotes to backticks


Name Description
template-string-converter.enable Switches the extension on/off
template-string-converter.validLanguages Languages the extension should apply to
template-string-converter.quoteType single (''), double (""), or both
template-string-converter.convertOutermostQuotes In the case of nested quotes, converts the outermost ones to backticks
template-string-converter.autoRemoveTemplateString When $ or { is deleted, replace backticks with quotes typing a dollar sign and open curly brace converts the quotes to backticks. deleting the $ sign causes the backticks to be replaced with quotes
template-string-converter.convertWithinTemplateString Within a template string, converts strings to template strings when ${ is typed
template-string-converter.addBracketsToProps Adds brackets to the template string for JSX properties typing a dollar sign then open curly brace with addBracketsToProps set to true converts the quotes to backticks and adds brackets around the property


Autocorrect from quotes to backticks


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