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Simple scripts in JavaScript, Python and Shell

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####This repository contains simple utility scripts.

Currently it contains:

  • A Markdown to HTML Converter using node.js and showdown.js
  • A script to play the specified song in RhythmBox
  • A script to automatically login to University Wifi
  • A script to open wikipedia links
  • A script to convert characters to their ascii representation as well as one that prints an ascii table
  • A script to rename files with a preceding date for easier sorting
  • A script to find all your containers ip addresses
  • A script to create a directory filetree
  • A powershell script to sort the content of a text file
  • A python script to reduce size of Images
  • A script to display a Quote of the day together with a quotes file
  • A script to get xkcd comics
  • A script to check for arguments in a bash command with bash color definitions
  • A script for adding GPL text in all files of the project

###Please make sure you update the README after you add a script. ###Please specify requirements for running the script as comments or in a separate file.

It will be highly appreciated if you can create a README for every script with usage instructions.


Simple scripts in JavaScript, Python and Shell


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