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A full stack infrastructure base on nestjs

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A full stack infrastructure base on nestjs 中文说明 demo account: admin 888888

What is Nestx

Nestx is a full stack real project base on nestjs framework. This project is infrastructure for scale and extendable system.


  • nest-server server side
  • nest-swagger Swagger generator
  • nest-angular Angular backend client
  • nest-react React backend client
  • nest-testing API testing

Why Nestjs

Nestjs provides nodejs back-end modular management, completed controller annotation decorators, powerful module integration capabilities, and friendly with Angular.

Why Swagger

Swagger is for rest api standard. it has benifit on decoupling but connecting between backend and frontend.

Swagger provides good choices for swagger -> front , swagger -> server -> front implement sequence.

Swagger can easily generate front-end proxy codes, basic domain codes, and basic test interface codes, making coding easy and efficient etc.

Why Lerna

Lerna provides a set of command line convenience easily maintain modules.

why angular and react

Angular and react both of them have large high quality UI libraries, good to use them switchable, but typescript is necessary.

Why needs testing

Testing is an effective guarantee of project quality, and persistent testing codes are necessary means of project iteration.

Gets start

prepare: To change .env for your own settings

npm install lerna -g
lerna bootstrap
npm run start:serve
npm run start:angular


functions basic full

source code struct

├── docs
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   └──
├── lerna.json
├── nestx.code-workspace
├── package.json
└── packages
    ├── clients
    │   ├── nest-angular
    │   └── nest-react
    └── servers
        ├── nest-server
        ├── nest-swagger
        ├── nest-testing
        ├── nestx-auth
        ├── nestx-base
        ├── nestx-cms
        ├── nestx-common
        └── nestx-config


A full stack infrastructure base on nestjs


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