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keycloak-nodejs-connect module for Nest

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Nest Keycloak Connect

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An adapter for keycloak-nodejs-connect.




yarn add nest-keycloak-connect


npm install nest-keycloak-connect --save

Getting Started

Register the module in app.module.ts

import { Module } from '@nestjs/common';
import {
} from 'nest-keycloak-connect';

  imports: [
      authServerUrl: 'http://localhost:8080/auth',
      realm: 'master',
      clientId: 'my-nestjs-app',
      secret: 'secret',
      // optional if you want to retrieve JWT from cookie
      cookieKey: 'KEYCLOAK_JWT'
  providers: [
    // These are in order, see
    // for more information

    // This adds a global level authentication guard, you can also have it scoped
    // if you like.
    // Will return a 401 unauthorized when it is unable to
    // verify the JWT token or Bearer header is missing.
      provide: APP_GUARD,
      useClass: AuthGuard,
    // This adds a global level resource guard, which is permissive.
    // Only controllers annotated with @Resource and methods with @Scopes
    // are handled by this guard.
      provide: APP_GUARD,
      useClass: ResourceGuard,
export class AppModule {}

In your controllers, simply do:

import { Resource, Scopes } from 'nest-keycloak-connect';
import { Controller, Get, Delete, Put, Post, Param } from '@nestjs/common';
import { Product } from './product';
import { ProductService } from './product.service';

export class ProductController {
  constructor(private service: ProductService) {}

  @Scopes('View', 'View All')
  async findAll() {
    return await this.service.findAll();

  async findByCode(@Param('code') code: string) {
    return await this.service.findByCode(code);

  async create(@Body product: Product) {
    return await this.service.create(product);

  async deleteByCode(@Param('code') code: string) {
    return await this.service.deleteByCode(code);

  async update(@Param('code') code: string, @Body product: Product) {
    return await this.service.update(code, product);


keycloak-nodejs-connect module for Nest

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