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Serverless Ecommerce Platform is a sample implementation of a serverless backend for an e-commerce website.

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AWS Serverless Ecommerce Platform

Status: Work-in-progress. Please create issues or pull requests if you have ideas for improvement.

The Serverless Ecommerce Platform is a sample implementation of a serverless backend for an e-commerce website. Functionalities are split across multiple micro-services that communicate either through asynchronous messages over Amazon EventBridge or over synchronous APIs.

Please note that you may incure AWS charges for deploying the ecommerce platform into your AWS account as not all services used are part of the free tier and you might exceed the free tier usage limit. To track costs in your AWS account, consider using AWS Cost Explorer and AWS Billing and Cost Management. You can also set up a billing alarm to get notified of unexpected charges.

High-level flow across microservices

Getting started

To install the necessary tools and deploy this in your own AWS account, see the getting started guide in the documentation section.


High-level architecture

This is a high-level view of how the different microservices interact with each other. Each service folder contains anarchitecture diagram with more details for that specific service.

High-level architecture diagram

Technologies used


  • AWS AppSync for interactions between users and the ecommerce platform.
  • Amazon API Gateway for service-to-service synchronous communication (request/response).
  • Amazon EventBridge for service-to-service asynchronous communication (emitting and reacting to events).


  • Amazon Cognito for managing and authenticating users, and providing JSON web tokens used by services.
  • AWS Identity and Access Management for service-to-service authorization, either between microservices (e.g. authorize to call an Amazon API Gateway REST endpoint), or within a microservice (e.g. granting a Lambda function the permission to read from a DynamoDB table).


  • AWS Lambda as serverless compute either behind APIs or to react to asynchronous events.


  • Amazon DynamoDB as a scalable NoSQL database for persisting informations.



Backend services

Services Description
users Provides user management, authentication and authorization.
products Source of truth for products information.
orders Manages order creation and status.
warehouse Manages inventory and packaging orders.
delivery Manages shipping and tracking packages.
delivery-pricing Pricing calculator for deliveries.
payment Manages payment collection and refunds.
payment-3p Simulates a third party payment system.

Frontend service

Services Description
frontend-api User-facing API for interacting with the services.

Infrastructure services

Services Description
pipeline CI/CD pipeline for deploying the resources in production.
platform Core platform resources for deploying backend services.

Shared resources

Name Description
docs Documentation application for all services.
shared Shared resources accessible for all services, such as common CloudFormation templates and OpenAPI schemas.
tools Tools used to build services.


See the docs folder for the documentation.


See the contributing and getting started documents to learn how to contribute to this project.


This library is licensed under the MIT-0 License. See the LICENSE file.


Serverless Ecommerce Platform is a sample implementation of a serverless backend for an e-commerce website.

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