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A global DOM shim, with options

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Shim the global environment with DOM globals. Useful for loading web component code. Powered by linkedom


Importing the module by default does not clobber global values, but rather adds a symbol to the global where DOM shims are placed. You can retrieve them like so:

import { domShimSymbol } from '';

const { HTMLElement, customElements } = globalThis[domShimSymbol];

Commonly you will want to clobber globals for library support. To do so add the ?global query param.

import '';

You can use the unshim export to remove the globals if you only want them available temporarily.

import { unshim } from '';
import './some-element.js';

// We only needed the shim to load some-element.js, now remove them.

You can specify which DOM globals are added by adding a comma-separated props query param like so:

import ',HTMLParagraphElement,customElements';

Side-effect free entry point

If your runtime does not support query params (most bundlers) or you do not want the side-effect to take place immediate, you can use the other entry point shim.js like so:

import { Shim } from '';

let s = new Shim(['document']);
console.log(s.values); // { document }

// To apply the shim symbol to the global environment

// If you want the globals to be set on the global environment

Creating a new Shim instance will create the shimmed environment. Calling s.apply() will set the environment on the Symbol.for('dom-shim.defaultView') property. Calling s.shim() will apply the globals onto the environments globalThis.

Note: if you call .shim() then you do not need to also call .apply().



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A global DOM shim, with options


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