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jQuery Plugin for FullContact

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**** FullContact jQuery Plugin ****
!!!   Note: When using client side languages such as jQuery to call the FullContact API note that the API Key is exposed and can easily be compromised.  Preferably your solution will require the end user to obtain their own API Key so that your developer key is not compromised.   !!!

	Person Lookup
			apiKey - Your FullContact API Key.
			emailAddress - The emailAddress you would like to lookup.
			callback - The function to call once the request completes.
			options - Key value pair of query string parameters. (i.e. {queue:1})
			If the request is successful you will get a javascript object of the person.
			If the request fails you will get a javascript object containing the error information.
		Example Usage:	
			$.fullcontact.emailLookup('<YOUR API KEY>','',function(obj){console.log(obj);});


jQuery Plugin for FullContact


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