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Twitter Clone Backend (Prisma + GraphQL)

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Twitter Clone - Backend

Built with Prisma + GraphQL If you are looking for the frontend repo, it lives here frontend

The Stack


  1. Prisma - provides data modelling and a nice set of CRUD APIs to work with
  2. GraphQLServer - graphql-yoga
  3. Authentication - JWT
  4. Image upload - Cloudinary


  1. Frontend - Our beloved React
  2. State Management - ApolloClient (requests, updating UI, caching)
  3. Styling - Styled Components
  4. Routing - React Router
  5. Notifications - React Toastify
  6. Popups- Reactjs popup

You can do these things

  • Login / Signup
  • New Tweet
  • Like
  • Retweet
  • Comment
  • View Profile
  • Edit Profile
  • Search by users, tags, people
  • Toggle between light and dark mode
  • Cycle through five different accent colors

How to setup locally

  • You need to have a prisma account

  • Make sure to install the prisma globally in your machine

     npm i -g prisma
     # once you created your account, you can login from the terminal
     prisma login
  • Then have a look at this video if prisma sounds new to you.

Everything Is AWESOME

Look at the UI

Dark Mode


Light Mode


Mobile Layout



  • Real-time notifications using GraphQL subscriptions
  • Bookmark tweeets
  • Show retweets on user profile
  • Show trending tags
  • Better mobile support
  • Add OLED theme


Twitter Clone Backend (Prisma + GraphQL)


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