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The main goal of this project is to create an intuitive GUI for the most common CLI package managers for Windows 10 and Windows 11, such as Winget, Scoop and Chocolatey.
With this app, you'll be able to easily download, install, update and uninstall any software that's published on the supported package managers — and so much more.

This is WingetUI's official repository. If you are searching for WingetUI's homepage, please refer to

Disclaimer: This project has no connection with Winget, Chocolatey or Scoop — it's completely unofficial. Be aware of the fact that neither Microsoft, Chocolatey, Scoop nor the creators of WingetUI are responsible for the downloaded apps.


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There are multiple ways to install WingetUI — choose whichever one you prefer!

Download WingetUI installer (recommended):

Click here to download WingetUI

Install WingetUI through Winget:

winget install wingetui

Install WingetUI through Scoop:

scoop bucket add extras
scoop install extras/wingetui

Available soon on Chocolatey.

Update WingetUI

WingetUI has a built-in autoupdater. However, it can also be updated like any other package within WingetUI (since WingetUI is available through Winget and Scoop).

Support the developer

It really does make a big difference, and is very much appreciated. Thanks :)

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  • WingetUI has the ability to install, update and uninstall packages from Winget, Scoop and Chocolatey. WingetUI will also detect if your manually-installed apps can be updated!
  • It can also upgrade and uninstall previously installed packages — as well as uninstall built-in Windows apps!
  • WingetUI has the ability to both import and export the packages of your choice, so that you can easily install them in the future.
  • WingetUI supports managing Scoop buckets with an interface.
  • Install an older version of an app.
  • WingetUI shows a notification when there are available updates
  • Manage your updates and installed packages from its context menu
  • The user will be notified whether the installation/update/uninstallation of an app was completed successfully or not.
  • The ability to queue installations in order to prevent conflicts.
  • A dark theme is available to prevent you from burning your eyes. 😎
  • WingetUI has the ability to show package-related information (like its license, SHA256 hash, homepage, etc.) before installation.
  • There are more than 14000 packages available (if winget, scoop and chocolatey are enabled)!
  • More features coming in the future!

Translating WingetUI to other languages

In order to translate WingetUI to other languages or to update an old translation, please see Translating WingetUI - WingetUI Wiki for more info.

Currently Supported languages

Language Translated Translator(s)
  Arabic - عربي‎ 86% Abdu11ahAS, mo9a7i
  Bulgarian - български 55% Vasil Kolev
  Bangla - বাংলা 15% fluentmoheshwar, Mushfiq Iqbal Rayon, Nilavra Bhattacharya
  Catalan - Català 100% marticliment
  Czech - Čeština 92% panther7
  Danish - Dansk 34% mikkolukas
  German - Deutsch 94% Datacra5H, ebnater, michaelmairegger, Seeloewen
  English - English 100% marticliment, ppvnf
  Spanish - Castellano 82% dalbitresb12, JMoreno97, marticliment, rubnium
  Persian - فارسی‎ 82% smsi2001
  French - Français 100% Evans Costa, Rémi Guerrero
  Hindi - हिंदी 100% atharva_xoxo, satanarious
  Croatian - Hrvatski 100% Stjepan Treger
  Hungarian - Magyar 100% gidano
  Italian - Italiano 99% GiacoBot, Maicol Battistini (@maicol07), Rosario Di Mauro
  Indonesian - Bahasa Indonesia 100% arthackrc, joenior
  Japanese - 日本語 77% nob-swik, sho9029, Yuki Takase
  Korean - 한국어 84% minbert, shblue21
  Norwegian (bokmål) 88% jomaskm
  Dutch - Nederlands 100% abbydiode, Stephan-P
  Polish - Polski 100% KamilZielinski, kwiateusz, RegularGvy13
  Portuguese (Brazil) 82% ppvnf, wanderleihuttel
  Portuguese (Portugal) 82% ppvnf
  Russian - Русский 99% bropines, flatron4eg, Sergey, Артем
  Serbian - Srpski 12% Nemanja Djurcic
  Slovene - Slovenščina 100% rumplin
  Thai - ภาษาไทย 32% apaeisara
  Turkish - Türkçe 100% ahmetozmtn, gokberkgs
  Ukranian - Yкраї́нська 100% Artem Moldovanenko, Operator404
  Simplified Chinese (China) 100% Aaron Liu, BUGP Association, ciaran, CnYeSheng, Cololi
  Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 100% Aaron Liu, CnYeSheng, Cololi, yrctw

Last updated: Thu May 25 00:56:57 2023


WingetUI wouldn't have been possible without the help of our dear contributors. From the person who fixed a typo to the person who improved half of the code, WingetUI wouldn't be possible without them! 😄


My dear contributors










Frequently asked questions

Q: I am unable to install or upgrade a specific Winget package! What should I do?

A: This is likely an issue with Winget rather than WingetUI.

Please check if it's possible to install/upgrade the package through PowerShell or the Command Prompt by using the commands winget upgrade or winget install, depending on the situation (for example: winget upgrade --id Microsoft.PowerToys).

If this doesn't work, consider asking for help at Winget's own project page.

Q: The name of a package is trimmed with ellipsis — how do I see its full name/id?

A: This is a known limitation of Winget.

See more details in issue microsoft/winget-cli#2603.

Q: My antivirus is telling me that WingetUI is a virus! / My browser is blocking the download of WingetUI!

A: A common reason apps (i.e., executables) get blocked and/or detected as a virus — even when there's nothing malicious about them, like in the case of WingetUI — is because they're not being used by a relatively large amount of people.

Combine that with the fact that you might be downloading something that was recently released, and simply blocking unknown apps is in many cases a good precaution to take in order to prevent actual malware.

Since WingetUI is open source and safe to use, simply whitelist the app in the settings of your antivirus/browser.

Q: Can I add "msstore" as a source for Winget in the app?

A: This is not possible, nor is it planned for the near future.

See more details in issue #87.

Q: Are Winget/Scoop packages safe?

A: WingetUI, Microsoft and Scoop aren't responsible for the packages available for download, which are provided by third parties and can theoretically be compromised.

To mitigate the risks of downloading malware, Microsoft has implemented a few checks for the software available on Winget. Even so, It's recommended to only download software from publishers that you trust.

Check out the Wiki for more information!

Command-line parameters:

--daemon: Start WingetUI without spawnign a new window. WingetUI will run minimized on the system tray. WingetUI is called with this parameter when launched at startup.
--welcomewizard (or simply --welcome): Show a window to choose which package managers to use.
--updateapps: Enable automatic install of available updates.


WingetUI: A better UI for your package managers

License:GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1


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