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Welcome to Trumpist Brain


This git project contain versions of the Trumpist Brain, in the form of expanded .brz archives. This form allows unchanged portions to be shared, and changes to be tracked in git (in addition to the history that TheBrain itself keeps).

To build a .brz archive, we need to change the BrainId, to avoid potential conflicts. The bin/build command will assign a BrainID specific to your repo (stored in .git/info/brain-guid), and generate a .brz file, storing it in the build/ subdirectory.

The 'jq' JSON query command is required. It is widely used and readily available in repositories; I used the one in macports.


  • Adds more Prevezon filings and related modelling re disqualification
  • DOJ IG report on McCabe
  • Manafort filings on supervision
  • Improvements to Russian model, including Alma-Ata protocol and other USSR dissolution
  • Patriot Legal Expense Fund Trust (fund for legal expenses for Trumpists caught up in Mueller investigation)
  • Complaints against Trump campaign (FEC, Lieu-Rice letter)


Initial export


Trumpist Brain and associated tools


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