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Build Of OzClient and Curl For iOS

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This document describe the proccess of building OzClient lib for all android platforms. OzClient is the library that provides the interface for communication of client-cloud and client-agent.. In addition it provides P2P capabilities (open tunnel, destroy tunnel etc.)

OzClient depend on libcurl which depends on libssl and libcrypto, So the order this need to be built is:

  1. libssl + libcrypto

  2. libcurl

  3. libOzClient

  4. SSL: extract openssl-1.0.1g_oz.tar.gz cd openssl in set _ANDROID_NDK_ROOT to your root [optional] set _ANDROID_API (you can leave it on 21)

  • run script. this will build and for all platforms (under prebuilt)

install desired architecure libraries: cd openssl-1.0.1g cp ../prebuilt//* . (where ARCH can be arm64-v8a, armeabi and so on..) sudo -E make install_sw CC=$ANDROID_TOOLCHAIN/<SE_TOOLCHAIN>-gcc RANLIB=$ANDROID_TOOLCHAIN/<SE_TOOLCHAIN>-ranlib (SE_TOOLCHAIN can be arm-linux-androideabi-4.9 or aarch64-linux-android-4.9 for example)

now ssl libs are intalled under /usr/local/ssl/android-21/lib/

  1. CURL: extract curl-7.64.0_oz.tar.gz cd curl-7.64.0/cross-compile run appropriate script.

make make install (sudo)

find libcurl in /usr/local/lib/

  1. build OzClient: cp to OzClient/lib/ and from /usr/local/ssl/android-21/lib/ cp to OzClient/lib/ from /usr/local/lib/ cd OzClient/CloudCom/build/ ./ (enable build of right platform)

For questions and comments please contact Erez Fishhimer via email:


Build Of OzClient and Curl For iOS


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