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Eleventy + Tailwind CSS blog starter by Marc Filleul

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As I don't have enough time to maintain this repo, I've decided to archive it.

MF Blog Starter

See Netlify Demo

The child of eleventail and jamstack-web-starter raised by Marc Filleul.

This blog starter uses and is built with:

  • Eleventy for templates and site generation

  • Tailwindcss for a utility first CSS workflow

  • PostCSS set up to handle:

    • TailwindCSS
    • Autoprefixer
    • PurgeCSS to remove unused CSS
  • HTML minified in production

  • CSS inlined and minified in production

  • Scripts optimised for production

  • Document <head> crafted using


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Eleventy + Tailwind CSS blog starter by Marc Filleul

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