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IBM Watson NLP Classifier implementation for Talkify

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Watson Talkify Classifier

IBM Watson NLP Classifier implementation for Talkify

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Install the Watson Talkify Classifier:

npm install --save talkify-watson-classifier

Once installed, you can create a new object instance of the classifier like so:

var WatsonClassifier = require('talkify-watson-classifier');

var credentials = { 
                    username: 'my-watson-classifier-username', 
                    password: 'my-watson-classifier-password' 

var myWatsonClassifier = new WatsonClassifier('<watson-classifier-id>', credentials);

Pass the myWatsonClassifier object into the Talkify Bot.

var options = {
                classifier: myWatsonClassifier
var bot = new Bot(options);

Provided your credentials are correct and you have enough training data for Watson, it should work out of the box without needing any additional configuration.

Please note that training data through this library is not supported at the moment. Any help will be much appreciated in this regard. 😃


IBM Watson NLP Classifier implementation for Talkify

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