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PyBites Blog Code Challenges

The best way to learn to code is by doing it. PyBites Code Challenges == accelerated learning, but also fun and collaboration endorsing.

Welcome to the PyBites Blog Challenges page. (Please note, these are not the same as our Bites of Py Exercises)

These are free form, open ended, mini coding projects designed to take anywhere from a day to a week, created for our wonderful PyBites Community.


How do I get started?

Head over to our platform, click on one and follow the instructions.

Where can I see other people's code submissions?

Browse (or checkout) our community branch - all PRs get merged into that branch.

How do I join your Slack Community?

Use this link - and use our #codechallenges channel for coding questions.

Can I help you out with code reviewing?

We are still getting a pretty manageable number of PRs to be able to merge them all in ourselves, but we do want to give each PR a bit more of a code review. As we're pretty busy we want to turn this into a community effort. So if you want to help out merging PRs into our challenges branch, become a moderator (and mentor!), you can volunteer on Slack.

Is this a place where we gonna be cool... just like Fonzie?

Ah you mean something like a Code of conduct? We wrote this when we started 2 years ago and it still holds true: "Remember, we don't strive for the 'best' solution, it's not a competition! Learning more + better Python is the main objective. Respect the newbie. There is no right or wrong answer. Do as much or as little as you want. Just have fun!"

I don't see the tests?

Remember our blog code challenges are mostly open-ended and for you to work locally using Git, then submit (PR) your code back to the repo's community branch. Do you like a more test-driven approach where you run your code against a set of pytests in the comfort of your browser? In that case we highly recommend that you try out our growing collection (173 at the time of writing) of Bites of Py Exercises ...

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We believe solving code challenges is a very effective way to achieve Python mastery. Code more Python, share your journey on Slack, good luck and have fun!

Keep Calm and Code in Python! 
- Julian and Bob


PyBites Code Challenges


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