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Tiny peripheral library for STM8 microcontrolles

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Tiny peripheral library for STM8. This library was developed as a supplement to a series of blog posts while I was experimenting with STM8 microcontrollers. Tested with SDCC compiler only.

Code Structure

  • stm8l and stm8s contain libraries and examples for corresponding microcontroller families
  • lib contains stm8s.h or stm8l.h header with register definitions and very basic peripheral drivers
  • examples contains directories with example code



  1. sdcc
  2. stm8flash

Building and flashing example project:

cd ./stm8s/examples/<example>
make flash

Uncomment --peep-file $(LIBDIR)/util/extra.def option in the Makefile to enable additional optimizer rules.


To avoid Bug #2673 it is recommended to use a recent (>=3.8) version of SDCC or to compile with --nolospre flag.


Tiny peripheral library for STM8 microcontrolles

License:MIT License


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