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Directory Visualization

This shows the directory structure, with only the relevant pieces shown initially. Any files that we have more info on have a note (exposed on hover).

Built with the Project Explorer CLI.

Open directories

You can specify what directories you would like to be open when a user first visits by adding them to the opened array in base-directory-tree/src/store.


You can add comments for the different files by adding them to the comments object in base-directory-tree/src/store. You will specify it using the path as the key and the comment as the value, like this:

`READMEexample`: `This is an example of how a note is made! You can write the pathname of any file and the note will appear ☺️. You can delete this now.`

Github link

You can point the github logo link to your own repo by updating the github string in base-directory-tree/src/store.

Kick off your server

yarn serve




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