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An in-range update of eslint-plugin-import is breaking the build 🚨

greenkeeper opened this issue Β· comments

The devDependency eslint-plugin-import was updated from 2.16.0 to 2.17.0.

🚨 View failing branch.

This version is covered by your current version range and after updating it in your project the build failed.

eslint-plugin-import is a devDependency of this project. It might not break your production code or affect downstream projects, but probably breaks your build or test tools, which may prevent deploying or publishing.

Status Details


The new version differs by 61 commits.

  • 0499050 bump to v2.17.0
  • f479635 [webpack] v0.11.1
  • 8a4226d Merge pull request #1320 from bradzacher/export-ts-namespaces
  • 988e12b fix(export): Support typescript namespaces
  • 70c3679 [docs] make rule names consistent
  • 6ab25ea [Tests] skip a TS test in eslint < 4
  • 405900e [Tests] fix tests from #1319
  • 2098797 [fix] export: false positives for typescript type + value export
  • 70a59fe [fix] Fix overwriting of dynamic import() CallExpression
  • e4850df [ExportMap] fix condition for checking if block comment
  • 918567d [fix] namespace: add check for null ExportMap
  • 2d21c4c Merge pull request #1297 from echenley/ech/fix-isBuiltIn-local-aliases
  • 0ff1c83 [dev deps] lock typescript to ~, since it doesn’t follow semver
  • 40bf40a [*] [deps] update resolve
  • 28dd614 Merge pull request #1304 from bradennapier/feature/typescript-export-type

There are 61 commits in total.

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After pinning to 2.16.0 your tests are passing again. Downgrade this dependency πŸ“Œ.

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The new version differs by 3 commits.

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Your tests are passing again with this update. Explicitly upgrade to this version πŸš€


The new version differs by 8 commits.

  • eddcfa9 Bump to v2.17.2
  • b151d04 [fix] no-unused-modules: avoid crash when using ignoreExports-option
  • 3512563 [fix] no-unused-modules: make sure that rule with no options will not fail
  • 8e0c021 [Test] no-unused-modules add failing test case
  • 9b7a970 [meta] add npm run mocha for easier unit testing
  • b0c5e1a bump to v2.17.1
  • f6716ad [fix] require v2.4 of eslint-module-utils
  • 5124dde [utils] v2.4.0

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