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🏁🌐 Frontend Svelte PWA starter for SaaS startups

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Staart UI

Staart UI is a frontend starter for SaaS startups written in TypeScript and Vue using Nuxt.js. It has built-in landing pages, authentication, settings UIs, and more.

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Staart UI is built to work with Staart, the backend starter for SaaS startups.

⚠️ v2 BETA WARNING: The master branch and all 2.x releases are currently in beta. For production, use v1.x instead on this commit tree: 3c8e1e2.

πŸ›  Usage

Clone or fork this repository, then install dependencies:


Start a local development server:

yarn dev

Generate static pages for deployment:

yarn generate

πŸ“ Documentation

πŸ‘₯ Contributors

Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Anand Chowdhary
Anand Chowdhary

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This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

🏁 Staart Ecosystem

The Staart ecosystem consists of open-source projects to build your SaaS startup, written in TypeScript.

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πŸ’ Sponsors

The development of Staart projects is supported by these wonderful companies. Find us on OpenCollective

Oswald Labs




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🏁🌐 Frontend Svelte PWA starter for SaaS startups


License:MIT License


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