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Helm packages for Kubernetes

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Smallstep Helm Charts

Helm packages for Kubernetes. The master branch of this repository contains work in progress packages.

Visit for stable releases.


  • Step Certificates: An online certificate authority and related tools for secure automated certificate management, so you can use TLS everywhere.

  • Autocert: A kubernetes add-on that automatically injects TLS/HTTPS certificates into your containers.

  • Step Issuer: A certificate issuer for cert-manager using Step Certificates.


  1. Update version in packageName/Chart.yaml.

  2. Update appVersion to the image tag in packageName/Chart.yaml.

  3. Create helm package. For example for step-certificates:

    helm package ./step-certificates
  4. Update repository:

    git checkout gh-pages
    git pull origin gh-pages
    git add "step-certificates-<version>.tgz"
    mkdir new-charts
    cp "step-certificates-<version>.tgz" new-charts/
    helm repo index --merge index.yaml --url new-charts
    cp new-charts/index.yaml .
    rm -rf new-charts
    git commit -a -m "Add package for step-certificates vX.Y.Z"
    git push origin gh-pages


Helm packages for Kubernetes

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