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Trying combinatorial algorithms from The Art of Computer Programming

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The problem is you have to find a phrase that satisfy the following conditions:

  • Its anagram is "poultry outwits ants"
  • Its md5 can be "e4820b45d2277f3844eac66c903e84be" or "23170acc097c24edb98fc5488ab033fe" or "665e5bcb0c20062fe8abaaf4628bb154"

The complexity is in writing an algorithm that is computable in feasible time.

Non-computable solution

My initial thought in generate-anagrams.rb is to generate all possible anagrams for "poultry outwits ants" then hash them. It turns out this is not computable. To generate all permutation for the known anagram it will require roughly factorial of the anagram length = 20! = 2_432_902_008_176_640_000 (Accurate calculation should divide by the product of factorial of duplicates).

Computable solution

Then I thought to approach it in opposite direction. I will first get a list of all possible words that could contribute to a potential anagram. We have 99175 in wordlist, the permutation of three words of such list is huge: 99175 * 99175 * 99175 = 975_453_625_984_375. By applying specific conditions documented in find-hash.rb I managed to reduce the list to 1659 which has 4_566_034_179 permutations. It is still large but on DigitalOcean 24 cores it took 4 min to compute:

root@ubuntu-s-24vcpu-128gb-ams3-01:~/find-hash# time ./find-hash.rb wordlist
Total number of iteration: 4566034179
You got 24 cores
printout stout yawls e4820b45d2277f3844eac66c903e84be (91.234631596s)
ty outlaws printouts 23170acc097c24edb98fc5488ab033fe (212.449148748s)
Total time 4.009577267366667 min

real    4m0.665s
user    95m40.044s
sys     0m0.747s


Trying combinatorial algorithms from The Art of Computer Programming


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