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Any phantom deserves a resurrection.

Resurrectio is a Chrome extension allowing to record a sequence of browser actions and to produce the corresponding CasperJS script.

Resurrectio uses minimalist and functional-oriented selectors, so recorded sequences stay valid across layout and design changes.

As CasperJS evaluates JavaScript, recorded sequences are not limited to pure HTML interactions, targeted pages JavaScript-supported behaviors will be accurately reproduced.

Resurrectio also provides a way to produce screenshots alongside your test scenario, and can export comments + screenshots in ReStructuredText format in order to generate documentation automatically from the test sequences.


CasperJS / PhantomJS

Install PhantomJS, be careful CasperJS requires PhantomJS >= 1.8.2.

Install CasperJS version 1.1.

Resurrectio installation

From Chrome store:

Go to Chrome store Resurrectio page and click on the Add button.


From Github sources:

git clone git://

It will produce a ./resurrectio folder.

Then, in Chrome:

  • go to Tools / Extensions,
  • expand Developer mode,
  • click Load unpacked extension,
  • select the ./resurrectio folder.


Click on the Resurrectio extension icon.

Enter the start URL, and click Go.

Then execute your usage scenario, all the events will be recorded.

By right-clicking on the page, you might also record some assertion (about the current url, about existing text, etc.).

You can request a screenshot at any moment (they will be produced everytime you run the resulting test).

You might also record some comments (click again on the extension icon, and click Add comment).

When you are done, click again on the extension icon, and click Stop recording.

Now, generate the CasperJS test script by clicking Export Casper test.

You might run the script directly on, or you can copy/paste the resulting code into a local file, and run the test:

casperjs test my_scenario.js

It will play your entire scenario and generate the screenshots.

Future features

Implement more mouse events, like drag & drop and mousewheel.





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CasperJS test recorder Chrome extension

License:GNU General Public License v2.0