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A component for react-native (iOS only) for

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A component for react-native (iOS only) for

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  • Support Android
  • Support for overiding the detectionMode
  • Support for overiding the scanOverlayView



A walkthrough with screenshots of each of the steps can be found on my blog.

  1. npm i --save
  2. Add the .xcodeproj from node_modules/ to your .xcodeproj
  3. Add libBBBCardIO.a to "Build Phases -> Link Binary With Libraries"
  4. Add "-lc++" to "Other Linker Flags"


Example App

You can see the specific api usage here

Please don't forget to respect open source contributors by putting the acknowledgments in your app

import React, {
} from 'react-native';

import CardIO from '';

export default class App extends Component {
  render() {
    return (
            position: 'absolute',
            top: 0,
            right: 0,
            bottom: 0,
            left: 0,
              flex: 1,
              backgroundColor: 'black',
          hideCardIOLogo={ true }
            ( cardInfo ) => console.log(cardInfo)
            ( err ) => console.error(err)



The preload method prepares to launch faster. Calling preload is optional but suggested. On an iPhone 5S, for example, preloading makes launch ~400ms faster. The best time to call preload is when displaying a view from which might be launched.


Configuration options are specified as attributes on the <CardIO /> element.

Language or Locale

Prop: languageOrLocale

Defaults to the device's current language setting

Can be specified as a language code ("en", "fr", "zh-Hans", etc.) or as a locale ("en_AU", "fr_FR", "zh-Hant_HK", etc.).

If does not contain localized strings for a specified locale, then it will fall back to the language. E.g., "es_CO" -> "es".

If does not contain localized strings for a specified language, then it will fall back to American English.

If you specify only a language code, and that code matches the device's currently preferred language, then will attempt to use the device's current region as well. E.g., specifying "en" on a device set to "English" and "United Kingdom" will result in "en_GB".

These localizations are currently included:

ar, da, de, en, en_AU, en_GB, es, es_MX, fr, he, is, it, ja, ko, ms, nb, nl, pl, pt, pt_BR, ru, sv, th, tr, zh-Hans, zh-Hant, zh-Hant_TW

Detection Mode

Prop detectionMode

One of:

DETECTION_MODE.IMAGE_AND_NUMBER: the scanner must successfully identify the card number.

DETECTION_MODE.IMAGE: don't scan the card, just detect a credit-card-shaped card.

DETECTION_MODE.AUTOMATIC: start as IMAGE_AND_NUMBER, but fall back to IMAGE if scanning has not succeeded within a reasonable time.

Guide Color

Prop guideColor

Defaults to lime green

Alter the card guide (bracket) color. Opaque colors recommended.

Use Logo

Prop useCardIOLogo

Defaults to false

Set to true to show the logo over the camera instead of the PayPal logo.

Hide Logo

Prop: hideCardIOLogo

Defaults to false

Hide the PayPal or logo in the scan view.

Allow Freely Rotating Card Guide

Prop: allowFreelyRotatingCardGuide

Defaults to true

By default, in camera view the card guide and the buttons always rotate to match the device's orientation.

All four orientations are permitted, regardless of any app or viewcontroller constraints.

If you wish, the card guide and buttons can instead obey standard iOS constraints, including the UISupportedInterfaceOrientations settings in your app's plist.

Set to false to follow standard iOS constraints. (Does not affect the manual entry screen.)

Scan Instructions

Prop: scanInstructions

Defaults to null

Set the scan instruction text. If null, use the default text. Use newlines as desired to control the wrapping of text onto multiple lines.

Scan Expiry

Prop: scanExpiry

Defaults to true

Set tofalse if you don't want the camera to try to scan the card expiration.

Scanned Image Duration

Prop: scannedImageDuration

Defaults to 1.0

After a successful scan, the CardIOView will briefly display an image of the card with the computed card number superimposed. This property controls how long (in seconds) image will be displayed.

Set this to 0.0 to suppress the display entirely.

Scan Overlay View

This can be achieved by nesting a <View /> within the CardIO view.

        flex: 1,
        backgroundColor: 'rgba(0,255,0,0.2)',

Success Callback

Prop: onSuccess

Defaults to null

A callback for successful card number scan.

Failure Callback

Prop: onFailure

Defaults to null

An error callback for a failed card number scan.


A component for react-native (iOS only) for

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