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Short Linkly

Welcome to Short Linkly a link shortening service!

Built with Rails 5.2.3 and Ruby 2.5.1

This app is an unfinished URL shortening service, similar to For the first deliverable, a completed test suite has been written out for you. Please do not change any existing tests; you will need to write your code in order to pass the test suite.

  • You will implement unique encoded shortened URLs for users (check the existing spec files for specifications on how the URLs should be encoded).
  • All short links require a unique long link and user_id.
  • Here is an example request to your service:
POST http://localhost:8080/short_link
  "long_link": "<long_link>",
  "user_id": "<user_id>"
  • If the long_url has already been shortened for a user, you should return the previously created short_link. Otherwise, you should return a new short_link. The response should look something like:
  "long_link": "<long_link>",
  "short_link": "<short_link>"

For the second deliverable, a test suite has not been previously written.

  • Implement an analytics endpoint, which takes an encoded id and renders the short link, the long link, and the number of times the short link has been accessed.
  • Please use the following URI pattern: /:id/analytics

Please spend no more than 2 hours working on this project. Err on the side of completeness of individual features, over completing all features. You can use any tools you'd like. Thanks in advance for taking the time do this exercise!


bundle install


If you have not already have postgresql installed

brew install postgresql

and start postgresql

brew services start postgresql

Create Databse

rails db:create db:migrate

Start Rails Server

rails s



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