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ESLint configuration used by PlayCanvas

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PlayCanvas ESLint Config

ESLint configuration developed by the PlayCanvas team and leveraged by many PlayCanvas-related projects, including the PlayCanvas Engine. However, you can use it for any JavaScript-based project if you approve of the PlayCanvas coding style.

The configuration is defined in index.js. It configures ESLint's rules in the same order as they are enumerated here. It also configures rules for checking JSDoc comments using the ESLint plugin eslint-plugin-jsdoc-rules.

The configuration attempts to enable as many rules as possible, particularly those categorized as 'recommended' by ESLint.

Using this config in your own projects

Edit your project's package.json file:

  1. Add eslint and @playcanvas/eslint-config to your devDependencies section.
  2. Add an eslintConfig section. At a minimum, you will need:
    "eslintConfig": {
        "extends": "@playcanvas/eslint-config"


ESLint configuration used by PlayCanvas

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