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Go library for Clever-Cloud api

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Go library for Clever-Cloud api


This library has been developed for a Terraform provider. Some attributes of the official Clever-Cloud API may not be exported, because not used in Terraform.

Available CC features (2016-11-30)

Supports following runtimes:

  • docker: for Docker-based applications
  • go: for Go applications
  • gradle: for applications launched with gradle
  • jar: for applications deployed as standalone jar files
  • war: for applications deployed as war files
  • play1: for Play1 applications
  • play2: for Play2 applications
  • sbt: for applications launched with SBT
  • maven: for applications launched with maven
  • node: for node.js applications
  • php: for PHP applications
  • python: for python27 applications
  • ruby: for ruby applications
  • static: for static (HTML only) websites
  • haskell: for Haskell applications
  • rust: for Rust applications

Supports following regions:

  • par (for Paris)
  • mtl (for Montreal)

Supports following instance size:

  • pico: 256Mo RAM / 1 CPU
  • nano: 512Mo RAM / 1 CPU
  • XS: 1024Mo RAM / 1 CPU
  • S: 2048Mo RAM / 2 CPU
  • M: 4096Mo RAM / 4 CPU
  • L: 8192Mo RAM / 6 CPU
  • XL: 16384Mo RAM / 8 CPU

Supports following addons:

  • postgresql-addon
  • mysql-addon
  • redis-addon
  • mongodb-addon
  • cellar-addon
  • trace
  • socks-addon
  • fs-bucket

Running examples

go get

cd examples/
go build -o cc-api-examples *.go


Please contribute! I'll review your PRs ASAP.


Go library for Clever-Cloud api

License:MIT License


Language:Go 100.0%