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web app for generating funny portmanteaus and rhymes

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The Entendrepreneur (entendre/entrepreneur) pun generator creates humorous portmanteaus and rhymes from provided input words.

Example generated portmanteaus:

  • Inputs: drunk angry → Output: beeritable (beer/irritable)
  • Inputs: cute dog → Output: labradorable (labrador/adorable)
  • Inputs: literary cage → Output: shackademic (shack/academic)

For additional details see the associated NeurIPS 2018 workshop paper: Entendrepreneur: Generating Humorous Portmanteaus using Word-Embeddings


Code was built on Mac OS 10.12.6 using Python 2.7.10


Citable paper soon to be released on ArXiv.

Local App Setup

Install the required Python packages

> pip install -r requirements.txt

Download 'WordNet' and 'CMU Pronouncing Dictionary' via the nltk downloader (see here):

> python -m nltk.downloader wordnet
> python -m nltk.downloader cmudict

Install Homebrew

> /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)"

Install Postgres

> brew services start postgresql

Setup Postgres db (see here)

> psql postgres
> CREATE DATABASE entendrepreneur_db;

Export the credentials to .bash_profile

> echo "export PUN_DATABASE_URL=postgresql://[USERNAME]:[PASSWORD]@localhost/entendrepreneur_db" >> ~/.bash_profile
> python -c "import os; print os.urandom(24).encode('hex')" | read var ; echo "export PUN_SECRET_KEY=$var" >> ~/.bash_profile
> source ~/.bash_profile

Initialize the database and populate tables (takes ~10min)

> flask db init
> flask db migrate -m 'create tables'
> flask db upgrade
> python manage.py populate_tables

Run the app, and go to the url shown to view in browser

> flask run

Updating the Database Schema

Note: The following scripts should all be run from within the repo's top-level directory

To delete all rows from a table while keeping the schema intact:

> from app import db
> from app.models import TABLENAME
> TABLENAME.query.delete()
> db.session.commit()

To drop a table entirely:

> from app import db
> from app.models import TABLENAME
> TABLENAME.__table__.drop(db.engine)
> db.session.commit()

To create a new (empty) table:

> from app import db
> from app.models import TABLENAME
> db.create_all()

To copy the Postgres database from local hosting to Heroku hosting:

(1) Dump the data to a file:

> PGPASSWORD=punsaregreat pg_dump -Fc --no-acl --no-owner -h localhost -U pun_user entendrepreneur_db > data/db_dumps/entendrepreneur_db_dump_compressed.dump

(2) Upload the entendrepreneur_db_dump_compressed.dump file to an S3 bucket

(3) Overwrite the current Heroku databse with the content in the S3 file

> heroku pg:backups:restore '[S3_URL]' DATABASE_URL --confirm entendrepreneur-app

(4) Manually verify the content of the Heroku database

> heroku pg:psql
> \dt


web app for generating funny portmanteaus and rhymes



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