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Getting the repo

If you are contributing to the repository, make sure to fork this repo, and then clone your own fork. You will need to do this to make creating pull requests easier.

git clone https://github.com/<your-username>/terra-docs

Adding an article

All articles are markdown files, placed under the /docs/ directory. You can create folders underneath the /docs directory, such as the following:


Notice how README.md serves as the default root of the folder.

Editing the navigation

To edit the navigation to include your new article, edit /docs/.vuepress/config.js and add your new article in the appropriate section in themeConfig.sidebar, following the other paths as examples.

Test it out locally

Make sure you install all the dependencies:

yarn install

Build and run locally (hot-reloading dev server):

yarn dev


Module Specs

Each module should be documented with the following subheaders:

  1. Abstract (no header)

    Maximum 2 paragraphs to explain, in broad terms, the general purpose of the module, to provide a "big-picture" perspective of how the module provides functionality and organization to the Terra protocol, and how it interacts with other modules.

  2. Concepts

    A section dedicated to the concepts that are required to understand how the module works. This may include:

    • layman primer
    • math formulas (formatted with LaTeX)
    • diagrams
  3. Data

    A section that covers the various data structures used by the module.

  4. State

    A section that covers the keeper state for that module key-value store

  5. Messages

    A section that covers the various types of messages and gives a rough explanation on how they are handled.

  6. Proposals

    A section that covers the related governance proposals

  7. Transitions

    A section that covers the begin-blocker and end-blocker transition functions

  8. Parameters

    A section that covers the chain parameters that can be modified by governance via the params module

  9. Events

    A section that covers the different types of events that are emitted in the log, and when they are emitted.

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This software is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for full disclosure.

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