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# Title Solution Difficulty
820 Short Encoding of Words Golang Medium
740 Delete and Earn C Medium
738 Monotone Increasing Digits C Medium
718 Maximum Length of Repeated Subarray C Medium
714 Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock with Transaction Fee C Medium
712 Minimum ASCII Delete Sum for Two Strings C Medium
698 Partition to K Equal Sum Subsets C Medium
688 Knight Probability in Chessboard C Medium
673 Number of Longest Increasing Subsequence C Medium
659 Split Array into Consecutive Subsequences C Medium
650 2 Keys Keyboard C Medium
649 Dota2 Senate C Medium
647 Palindromic Substrings C Medium
646 Maximum Length of Pair Chain C Medium
638 Shopping Offers C Medium
630 Course Schedule III C Hard
621 Task Scheduler C Medium
576 Out of Boundary Paths C Medium
523 Continuous Subarray Sum C Medium
520 Detect Capital Golang Easy
516 Longest Palindromic Subsequence C Medium
509 Fibonacci Number Golang Easy
507 Perfect Number Golang Easy
506 Relative Ranks Golang Easy
504 Base 7 Golang Easy
502 IPO C Hard
501 Find Mode in Binary Search Tree Golang Easy
500 Keyboard Row Golang Easy
496 Next Greater Element I Golang Easy
494 Target Sum C Medium
492 Construct the Rectangle Golang Easy
486 Predict the Winner C Medium
485 Max Consecutive Ones Golang Easy
482 License Key Formatting Ruby Easy
476 Number Complement Golang Easy
475 Heaters Rust Easy
474 Ones and Zeroes C Medium
467 Unique Substrings in Wraparound String C Medium
464 Can I Win C Medium
463 Island Perimeter Rust Easy
461 Hamming Distance Rust Easy
459 Repeated Substring Pattern Rust Easy
458 Poor Pigs Rust Easy
455 Assign Cookies C Easy
453 Minimum Moves to Equal Array Elements Rust Easy
452 Minimum Number of Arrows to Burst Balloons C Medium
448 Find All Numbers Disappeared in an Array Rust Easy
447 String Compression Python3 Easy
443 String Compression Python3 Easy
441 Arranging Coins Python3 Easy
438 Find All Anagrams in a String Python3 Easy
437 Path Sum III Python3 Easy
435 Non-overlapping Intervals C Medium
434 Number of Segments in a String Python3 Easy
429 N-ary Tree Level Order Traversal Python Easy
427 Construct Quad Tree Python3 Easy
416 Partition Equal Subset Sum C Medium
415 Add Strings Python Easy
414 Third Maximum Number Python Easy
413 Arithmetic Slices C Medium
412 Fizz Buzz Python Easy
409 Longest Palindrome Python Easy
406 Queue Reconstruction by Height C Medium
405 Convert a Number to Hexadecimal Python Easy
404 Sum of Left Leaves Python Easy
402 Remove K Digitse C Medium
401 Binary Watch C Easy
400 Nth Digit C Easy
392 Is Subsequence C Medium
389 Find the Difference C Easy
387 First Unique Character in a String C Easy
383 Ransom Note C Easy
377 Combination Sum IV C Medium
376 Wiggle Subsequence C Medium
375 Guess Number Higher or Lower II C Medium
374 Guess Number Higher or Lower Cpp Easy
371 Sum of Two Integers C Easy
368 Largest Divisible Subset C Medium
367 Valid Perfect Square C Easy
357 Count Numbers with Unique Digits C Medium
350 Intersection of Two Arrays II C Easy
349 Intersection of Two Arrays C Easy
345 Reverse Vowels of a String C Easy
344 Reverse String C Easy
343 Integer Break C Easy
342 Power of Four C Easy
338 Counting Bits C Medium
337 House Robber III C Medium
330 Patching Array C Hard
326 Power of Three C Easy
322 Coin Change C Medium
321 Create Maximum Number C Hard
316 Remove Duplicate Letters C Hard
309 Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock with Cooldown C Medium
304 Range Sum Query 2D - Immutable C Medium
303 Range Sum Query - Immutable C Easy
300 Longest Increasing Subsequence C Medium
292 Nim Game C Easy
290 Word Pattern C Easy
283 Move Zeroes C Easy
279 First Bad Version C Medium
278 First Bad Version C Easy
268 Missing Number C Easy
264 Ugly Number II C Easy
263 Ugly Number C Easy
258 Add Digits C Easy
257 Binary Tree Paths C Easy
242 Valid Anagram C Easy
237 Delete Node in a Linked List C Easy
235 Lowest Common Ancestor of a Binary Search Tree C Easy
234 Palindrome Linked List C Easy
231 Power of Two C Easy
226 Invert Binary Tree C Easy
221 Maximal Square C Medium
219 Contains Duplicate II C Easy
217 Contains Duplicate C Easy
213 House Robber II C Medium
208 Implement Trie (Prefix Tree) Golang Medium
206 Reverse Linked List C Easy
205 Isomorphic Strings C Easy
204 Count Primes C Easy
203 Remove Linked List Elements C Easy
202 Happy Number C Easy
198 House Robber C Easy
191 Number of 1 Bits C Easy
189 Rotate Array C Easy
172 Factorial Trailing Zeroes C Easy
171 Excel Sheet Column Number C Easy
169 Majority Element C Easy
168 Excel Sheet Column Title C Easy
167 Two Sum II - Input array is sorted C Easy
160 Intersection of Two Linked Lists C Easy
155 Min Stack C Easy
152 Maximum Product Subarray C Medium
141 Linked List Cycle C Easy
136 Single Number C Easy
139 Word Break C Easy
135 Candy C Hard
134 Gas Station C Medium
125 Valid Palindrome C Easy
122 Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock II C Easy
121 Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock C Easy
120 Triangle C Medium
119 Pascal's Triangle II C Easy
118 Pascal's Triangle C Easy
112 Minimum Depth of Binary Tree C Easy
111 Minimum Depth of Binary Tree C Easy
110 Balanced Binary Tree C Easy
107 Binary Tree Level Order Traversal II C,Golang Easy
104 Maximum Depth of Binary Tree C Easy
102 Binary Tree Level Order Traversal C,Golang Medium
101 Symmetric Tree C Easy
100 Same Tree C Easy
096 Unique Binary Search Trees C Medium
095 Unique Binary Search Trees II C Medium
091 Decode Ways C Medium
088 Merge Sorted Array C Easy
083 Remove Duplicates from Sorted List C Easy
078 Subsets Golang Medium
077 Combinations Golang Medium
075 Sort Colors Golang Medium
074 Search a 2D Matrix Golang Medium
073 Set Matrix Zeroes Golang Medium
072 Edit Distance C Easy
071 Simplify Path Golang Medium
070 Climbing Stairs C Easy
069 Sqrt(x) C Easy
067 Add Binary C Easy
066 Plus One C Easy
064 Minimum Path Sum C Medium
063 Unique Paths II C Medium
062 Unique Paths C Easy
061 Rotate List Golang Medium
060 Permutation Sequence Golang Medium
059 Spiral Matrix II Golang Medium
058 Length of Last Word C Easy
056 Merge Intervals Golang Medium
055 Jump Game C Medium
054 Spiral Matrix Golang Medium
053 Maximum Subarray C Easy
050 Pow(x, n) Golang Medium
049 Group Anagrams Golang Medium
048 Rotate Image Golang Medium
047 Permutations II Golang Medium
046 Permutations Golang Medium
045 Jump Game II C Hard
044 Wildcard Matching C Hard
043 Multiply Strings Golang Medium
040 Combination Sum II Golang Medium
039 Combination Sum Golang Medium
038 Count and Say C Easy
036 Valid Sudoku Golang Medium
035 Search Insert Position C Easy
034 Find First and Last Position of Element in Sorted Array Golang Medium
033 Search in Rotated Sorted Array Golang Medium
032 Longest Valid Parentheses Golang Hard
031 Next Permutation Golang Medium
029 Divide Two Integers Golang Medium
028 Implement strStr() C Easy
027 Remove Element C Easy
026 Remove Duplicates from Sorted Array C Easy
024 Swap Nodes in Pairs Golang Medium
022 Generate Parentheses Golang Medium
021 Merge Two Sorted Lists C Easy
020 Valid Parentheses C Easy
019 Remove Nth Node From End of List Golang Medium
018 4Sum Golang Medium
017 Letter Combinations of a Phone Number Golang Medium
016 3Sum Closest Golang Medium
015 3Sum Golang Medium
014 Longest Common Prefix C Easy
013 Roman to Integer C Easy
012 Integer to Roman C Medium
011 Container With Most Water Golang Medium
009 Palindrome Number C Easy
008 String to Integer (atoi) C Medium
007 Reverse Integer C Easy
006 ZigZag Conversion C Medium
005 Longest Palindromic Substring Golang Medium
003 Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters C Medium
002 Add Two Numbers C,Golang Medium
001 Two Sum C Easy


# Title Solution Difficulty
181 Employees Earning More Than Their Managers Mysql Easy
176 Second Highest Salarys Mysql Easy
175 Combine Two Tables Mysql Easy
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Language:C 69.4%Language:Go 20.0%Language:Python 5.8%Language:Rust 3.2%Language:TSQL 0.7%Language:Ruby 0.6%Language:C++ 0.4%