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Run VSCode (codeserver) on Google Colab or Kaggle Notebooks

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Installation is easy!

$ pip install colabcode

Run code server on Google Colab or Kaggle Notebooks

Getting Started

ColabCode also has a command-line script. So you can just run colabcode from command line.

colabcode -h will give the following:

usage: colabcode [-h] --port PORT [--password PASSWORD] [--mount_drive]

ColabCode: Run VS Code On Colab / Kaggle Notebooks

required arguments:
  --port PORT          the port you want to run code-server on

optional arguments:
  --password PASSWORD  password to protect your code-server from unauthorized access
  --mount_drive        if you use --mount_drive, your google drive will be mounted

Else, you can do the following:

# import colabcode
$ from colabcode import ColabCode

# run colabcode with by deafult options.
$ ColabCode()

# ColabCode has the following arguments:
# - port: the port you want to run code-server on, default 10000
# - password: password to protect your code server from being accessed by someone else. Note that there is no password by default!
# - mount_drive: True or False to mount your Google Drive

$ ColabCode(port=10000, password="abhishek", mount_drive=True)

How to use it?

Colab starter notebook: Open In Colab

ColabCode comes pre-installed with some VS Code extensions.

See an example in youtube video YouTube Video




Run VSCode (codeserver) on Google Colab or Kaggle Notebooks

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