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Listen, Adapt, Better WER: Source-free Single-utterance Test-time Adaptation for Automatic Speech Recognition [On-going project]


Given a CTC-based trained ASR model, we proposed Single-Utterance Test-time Adaptation (SUTA) framework, which can adapt the source ASR model for one utterance by unsupervised objectives (such as entropy minimization, minimum class confusion). For details of SUTA's method and experimental results, please see our paper [link].

Our proposed SUTA has below advantages:

  • Efficient adaptation for one single utterance
  • Don't need to access the source data
  • About 0.1s per 1s utterance for 10-steps adaptation


pip install -r requirements.txt

Data Preparation

You should download datasets (Librispeech/CHiME-3/Common voice/TED-3) by your own.


The source ASR model is w2v2-base fine-tuned on Librispeech 960 hours. The pre-trained model is imported by Huggingface.

Run SUTA on different datasets:

bash scripts/{dataset_name: LS/CH/CV/TD}.sh


LS+0 LS+0.005 LS+0.01 CH CV TD
Source ASR model 8.6 13.9 24.4 31.2 36.8 13.2
Baseline TTA - SDPL 8.3 13.1 23.1 30.4 36.3 12.8
Proposed TTA - SUTA 7.3 10.9 16.7 25.0 31.2 11.9


  • Support auto-regressive model
  • More speech processing tasks beyond speech recognition



Coming soon



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