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A non-JIT version implementation / replication of CLIP of OpenAI in pytorch

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CLIP Model file and pretrained state_dict

Update 01/16/2021:::: For now, the official codebase has released a non-JIT model. You can ref to the standard implementation.

An replication of CLIP. Since the offical repo only provides a JIT version model (VIT-B-32), it's not convenient to modify. And here is an non-JIT version model. By this, you can change as you will.



Please ref to the official repo CLIP, and check the notebook. The ${BPEPATH} in below is here and ${MODELPATH} is the state_dict extract from the JIT version model, and provided here


An example to use it for inference is here:

from CLIP import CLIP, build_transform
from clip_tokenizer import SimpleTokenizer 
from PIL import Image
import torch

model = CLIP(attention_probs_dropout_prob=0, hidden_dropout_prob=0)
model.load_state_dict(state_dict = torch.load(${MODELPATH}))
tokenizer = SimpleTokenizer(bpe_path=${BPEPATH}, context_length=model.context_length.item())
transform = build_transform(model.input_resolution.item())
is_fp16 = False
device = "cuda" if torch.cuda.is_available() else "cpu"
if is_fp16:

with torch.no_grad():
    query = ["a diagram", "a dog", "a cat"]
    text = tokenizer.encode(query).to(device)
    text_features = model.encode_text(text)

    image = transform("./CLIP.png")).unsqueeze(0).to(device)
    image_features = model.encode_image(image)

    logits_per_image, logits_per_text = model(image, text, return_loss=False)
    probs = logits_per_image.softmax(dim=-1).cpu().numpy()
print("Label probs:", probs) # prints: [[0.99558276 0.00217687 0.00224036]]


Thanks to excellent work by CLIP


A non-JIT version implementation / replication of CLIP of OpenAI in pytorch


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