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Voron 0 CoreXY 3D Printer design

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Voron Zero

Image of Voron Zero

The official release of the Voron Zero 3d printer. You can find the BOM in the configurator located at the Voron Design website.

The current revision is V0.1.


  • Compact and portable
  • 120x120x120 build volume
  • CoreXY
  • Low mass direct drive extruder
  • Enclosed chamber
  • 24v DC bed simplifies electronics
  • Klipper firmware

Release History

V0.1 (2021 April)

A majority of the printed parts have changed. The configurator will give you an idea of parts needed if you are upgrading from V0.0.


  • New design: Mini Afterburner
  • Direct Drive Extruder with BMG gears and pancake motor with 10 tooth spur gear
  • Improved part cooling ducts (fans are same as V0.0)
  • Supports Mosquitto, Dragon, Dragonfly mounts
  • V6 mount too large for DDE (bowden still an option)

Z motor

  • Simplified to use Nema17 integrated T8x8 200mm leadscrew and printed mount (highly recommended upgrade)

Drive units

  • A/B steppers changed to larger 40Ncm motors for increased torque (optional upgrade)
  • Parts are now embossed with “A” or “B” respectively to avoid improper assembly
  • Motor screws are countersunk to add more thread engagement
  • Panel mount point added


  • No changes


  • Move from AC to 24v 60 watt DC bed (no more SSR)
  • 150 watt PSU (larger to support DC bed)
  • Fused AC power inlet (now with switch)
  • SKR moves to rear compartment and Mini E3 V2.0 now spec
  • PSU terminal cover


  • All panels have changed
  • Front and rear are now straight vertical to accommodate new toolhead
  • Sides went from 15° to 10°
  • 10mm taller all around
  • Lower panel clips are built into frame mounts


  • Front deck panel is unchanged
  • Mid and back panel has various holes removed (can use your V0.0 panels)
  • Rear deck panel is gone
  • Motor panel is added (can be printed later)
  • Side windows and door are unchanged
  • Rear upper panel clips have an added mount point

X/Y Joints

  • Hex nuts replaced with threaded inserts
  • Idlers replaced by F623 bearing stack (hole adjusted to align perfectly in CAD)
  • Endstop block changed to be compatible with DD toolhead
  • Inaccessible bottom gantry screw holes removed

Bed Assembly

  • Rear mounts extended 3mm to account for DD toolhead position changes
  • Z chain mount adjusted to accommodate off-the-shelf chain or printed beltchain
  • Zip tie mounts added for cable routing
  • Removed horizontal bolt hole to prevent over-constraining assembly
  • Front mount reduced in size for less plastic use
  • Printed thumb screws for bed adjustments


  • Extended to accommodate 34mm Z motor

Front Idlers

  • No changes

V0.0 Updates and fixes (2020 Sept)

See https://github.com/VoronDesign/Voron-0/releases/tag/V0.0r1

V0.0 Initial release (2020 April)

See https://github.com/VoronDesign/Voron-0/releases/tag/V0.0

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Voron 0 CoreXY 3D Printer design

License:GNU General Public License v3.0