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Animated Metro Style Flat AngularJS Theme Free Edition

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Versatile Dashboard - Free AngularJS Admin Starter Theme


Versatile Admin Theme is a Boilerplate for Animated AngularJS Starter Theme written with Bootstrap LESS. Powered by Gulp. Preview

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  1. Clone this project or Download that ZIP file
  2. Make sure you have bower, gulp and npm installed globally
  3. On the command prompt run the following commands
  • cd project-directory
  • bower install
  • npm install
  • gulp serve - For development mode
  • gulp build - concat, minify and generate the files for deployment

Goodness of Bootstrap Less

In the source, we have the less files of Bootstrap attached and the variables have been updated to create this theme. You can change the variable in the less file. Animation and Transitions are in separate less file.

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Animated Metro Style Flat AngularJS Theme Free Edition

License:Apache License 2.0


Language:CSS 79.0%Language:ApacheConf 12.4%Language:HTML 5.8%Language:JavaScript 2.8%