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A curated list of IDA x64DBG and OllyDBG plugins.

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Awesome IDA, x64DBG & OllyDBG plugins Awesome

A curated list of IDA x64DBG and OllyDBG plugins. IDA is a powerful disassembler and debugger that allows to analyze binary, it also includes a decompiler. X64DBG is an open-source x64/x32 debugger for Windows. OllyDbg is a 32-bit assembler level analysing debugger for Windows.


IDA Plugins

  • Keypatch: Friendly assembly-level patching/searching plugin (using multi-arch assembler framework Keystone engine inside).
  • Lazy ida: Add functionalities such as function return removing, converting data, scanning for string vulnerabilities.
  • IDAemu: Use for emulating code in IDA Pro. It is based on unicorn-engine.
  • IDA_EA: A set of exploitation/reversing aids for IDA.
  • Labeless: System for labels/comments synchronization with a debugger backend.
  • Idadiff: A diffing tool using Machoc Hash.
  • IDA Skin: Plugin providing advanced skinning support for IDA Pro utilizing Qt stylesheets, similar to CSS.
  • Auto Re: Auto-renaming dummy-named functions, which have one API call or jump to the imported API.
  • IDA IPython: An IDA Pro Plugin for embedding an IPython.
  • IDA Sploiter: An exploit development and vulnerability research plugin.
  • IDATropy: It is designed to generate charts of entropy and histograms using the power of idapython and matplotlib.
  • IDA Patcher: It is designed to enhance IDA's ability to patch binary files and memory.
  • IDAHunt: Analyze binaries with IDA Pro and hunt for things in IDA Pro.
  • IDA for Delphi: IDA Python Script to Get All function names from Event Constructor (VCL).
  • IDA ARM Highlight: Highlighting and decoding ARM system instructions.
  • BinDiff: It is a comparison tool for binary files, that assists vulnerability researchers and engineers to quickly find differences and similarities in disassembled code.
  • Diaphora: It is a program diffing plugin for IDA, similar to Zynamics Bindiff.
  • Yaco: Collaborative Reverse-Engineering for IDA.
  • IDASignSrch: It can recognize tons of compression, multimedia and encryption algorithms and many other things like known strings and anti-debugging code.
  • Findcrypt2: It searches constants known to be associated with cryptographic algorithm in the code.
  • Driver Buddy: It assists with the reverse engineering of Windows kernel drivers.
  • Heap Viewer: Used to examine the glibc heap, focused on exploit development.
  • IDAScope: It consists of multiple tabs, containing functionality to achieve different goals such as fast identification of semantically interesting locations.
  • HexRayPytools: Assist in the creation of classes/structures and detection of virtual tables.
  • Ponce: Symbolic Execution just one-click away!
  • idenLib.py: idenLib (Library Function Identification ) plugin for IDA Pro
  • J.A.R.V.I.S A plugin for IDA Pro to assist you with the most common reversing tasks. It integrates with the (J.A.R.V.I.S) tracer.
  • golang_loader_assist: Making GO reversing easier in IDA Pro
  • FindYara: IDA python plugin to scan binary with yara rules.

x64dbg Plugins

OllyDBG Plugins

  • OllyDumpEx: This plugin is process memory dumper for OllyDbg.
  • OllyDeobfuscator: Deobfuscator for Olly.
  • Phantom: Anti anti-debug trick.
  • TLSCatch 0.3: This plugin simply intercepts any new module loaded into the current process address space, searches it for TLS callbacks.
  • AnalyzeThis: Assisting for unpacking.


A curated list of IDA x64DBG and OllyDBG plugins.