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Rust implementation of Reactive Extensions.

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rxRust: a Rust implementation of Reactive Extensions



1.0.x version requires Rust nightly before GAT stable, 0.15.0 version works with Rust stable.

Add this to your Cargo.toml:

rxrust = "1.0.0-alpha.2"


use rxrust:: prelude::*;

let mut numbers = observable::from_iter(0..10);
// create an even stream by filter
let even = numbers.clone().filter(|v| v % 2 == 0);
// create an odd stream by filter
let odd = numbers.clone().filter(|v| v % 2 != 0);

// merge odd and even stream again
even.merge(odd).subscribe(|v| print!("{} ", v, ));
// "0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9" will be printed.

Clone Stream

In rxrust almost all extensions consume the upstream. So when you try to subscribe a stream twice, the compiler will complain.

 # use rxrust::prelude::*;
 let o = observable::from_iter(0..10);
 o.subscribe(|_| { println!("consume in first")} );
 o.subscribe(|_| { println!("consume in second")} );

In this case, we must clone the stream.

 # use rxrust::prelude::*;
 let o = observable::from_iter(0..10);
 o.clone().subscribe(|_| {println!("consume in first")});
 o.clone().subscribe(|_| {println!("consume in second")});


rxrust use the runtime of the Future as the scheduler, LocalPool and ThreadPool in futures::executor can be used as schedulers directly, and tokio::runtime::Runtime also supported, but need enable the feature futures-scheduler. Across LocalScheduler and SharedScheduler to implement custom Scheduler.

use rxrust::prelude::*;
use futures::executor::ThreadPool;

let pool_scheduler = ThreadPool::new().unwrap();
  .map(|v| v*2)
  .subscribe(|v| {println!("{},", v)});

Converts from a Future

Just use observable::from_future to convert a Future to an observable sequence.

use rxrust::prelude::*;
use futures::{ future, executor::LocalPool };

let mut local_scheduler = LocalPool::new();
observable::from_future(future::ready(1), local_scheduler.spawner())
  .subscribe(move |v| println!("subscribed with {}", v));

// Wait `LocalPool` finish.

A from_future_result function also provided to propagating error from Future.

Missing Features List

See missing features to know what rxRust does not have yet.

All contributions are welcome

We are looking for contributors! Feel free to open issues for asking questions, suggesting features or other things!

Help and contributions can be any of the following:

  • use the project and report issues to the project issues page
  • documentation and README enhancement (VERY important)
  • continuous improvement in a ci Pipeline
  • implement any unimplemented operator, remember to create a pull request before you start your code, so other people know you are work on it.


Rust implementation of Reactive Extensions.

License:MIT License


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