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CZ3006 Net Centric Computing Assignments

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CZ3006: Net Centric Computing (Assignments)

This repository consists of 2 main projects as specified below in light of AY19/20 Semester 2 course changes due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Lab 4 Assignment: Analyzing Network Traffic Log Data using Python

Essentially answer a series of questions based on the SFLOW traffic log data that was provided.

Refer to notebooks/lab4_notebook.ipynb

Questions include:

  • List the top 5 talkers
  • List the top 5 listeners
  • List the percentage proportion of UDP and TCP protocols
  • List the top 5 application protocols
  • Determine the Traffic Intensity
  • List the top 5 communication pairs
  • Visualize the communication between different IP host

Assignment 1

Plot the channel utilization of slotted ALOHA, pure ALOHA, 1-persistent CSMA and p-persistent CSMA to compare them against each other. The equations used to plot these graphs are based on the Kleinrock-Tobagi paper "Packet Switching in Radio Channels: Part I-Carrier Sense Multiple-Access Modes and Their Throughput-Delay Characteristics".

Refer to notebooks/Assignment 1.ipynb


CZ3006 Net Centric Computing Assignments


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