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The 7-Zip derivative intended for the modern Windows experience.

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Warning: This project is in early stages of development, the final product may differ from what you see now.

NanaZip is an open source file archiver intended for the modern Windows experience, forked from the source code of well-known open source file archiver 7-Zip 21.03.

We need help to translate NanaZip into native languages that have not been supported.

Known issues

  • You may meet the application crash in some cases in NanaZip 1.0 Preview 1 and NanaZip 1.0 Preview 2 because there are some issues in the exception handler implementation from VC-LTL 5.x. NanaZip 1.0 Preview 3 will be fixed the issue because mingkuang (the author of VC-LTL) has releasd the new version of VC-LTL.
  • Windows may show the contrast white icon in the taskbar when you using the contrast standard mode in NanaZip 1.0 Preview 1 and NanaZip 1.0 Preview 2 is fixed the issue.

Development Roadmap

  • 1.x Series
    • Modernize the build toolchain with MSBuild for using MSIX packaging and parallel compilation support.
    • Use VC-LTL 5.x toolchain to make the binary size even smaller than the official 7-Zip because we can use ucrtbase.dll directly and the optimizations from modern compile toolchain.
    • Add the context menu support in Windows 10/11 File Explorer.
    • New icons and minor UI tweaks.
    • Add Per-Monitor DPI-Aware support for Self Extracting Executables.
    • Try to merge Brotli, Fast-LZMA2, Lizard, LZ4, LZ5 and Zstandard support from 7-Zip ZS (Suggested by fcharlie.)
    • Try to add option for save file names with UTF-8 in 7z archives.
    • Merge NSIS support. (Suggested by alanfox2000.)
    • Provide NanaZip Deployment Tool for advanced deployment scenarios.
  • 2.x Series
    • Modernize the UI with XAML Islands with the Windows 11 control style, Mica material, dark and light mode support.
    • Full High DPI and Accessibility support in all UI components.
  • 3.x Series
    • Modernize the core implementation.
    • Add Windows Runtime component for interoperability.
    • Try to add extension for Windows File Explorer for give user immersive experience. (Suggested by SakuraNeko and shuax.)
    • Add batch task support. (Suggested by 刘泪.)
    • Try to design the new UI layout. (Suggested by wangwenx190.)
    • Try to add option for using Windows Imaging API (WIMGAPI) backend to make better creation and extraction support for wim archives, also add creation and extraction support for esd archives.
    • Try to add pri archive extracting support.
    • Try to add smart extraction.
    • Add file name encoding switching support in File Manager. (Suggested by 刘泪.)
    • Add deleting source after archiving support. (Suggested by OrionGrant.)
  • 4.x Series
    • Try to add recovery record support for 7z archives. (Suggested by SakuraNeko.)
    • Try to create a new archive format for Windows imaging.
    • Try to add ISO creation support.

All kinds of contributions will be appreciated. All suggestions, pull requests and issues are welcome.

System Requirements

  • Supported OS: Windows 10, version 1809 or later
  • Supported Platforms: x86, x86-64(AMD64) and ARM64.


  • Packaging with MSIX for modern deployment experience.
  • Support the context menu in Windows 10/11 File Explorer.
  • Enable parsing the NSIS script support in the NSIS archives.



The 7-Zip derivative intended for the modern Windows experience.



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