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Ionic 2: Alpha

Ionic 2 is the next generation of Ionic, the open-source mobile app development SDK that makes it easy to build top quality mobile apps with web technologies.

Ionic 2 is based on the new 2.x version of AngularJS, and comes with many significant performance, usability, and feature improvements.

See Adam Bradley's Building apps with Ionic 2 slides for a quick overview of Ionic 2.

Try Ionic 2

To try Ionic 2 today, visit the Ionic 2 Docs. We would love any feedback you have or to know when you encounter issues, by filing an issue report on this repo.

Ionic 2 Examples

There are a few real Ionic 2 apps in the wild. The most complete is the Ionic Conference App, a perfect starting point for building your own conference app.

We are also building out a number of starter projects, including the Ionic 2 starter:


Ionic Framework Package

The ionic-framework package comes with both frontend dependencies, located in 'dist', and a Node API, located in 'tooling'.


  • css/
    • the Ionic CSS stylesheet
  • fonts/
    • Ionicons and Roboto fonts
  • js/
    • ionic.js the Ionic module, in System register format
    • ionic.bundle.js the Ionic bundle, contains:
      • es6-module-loader.js
      • system.js
      • (angular2 router)
      • ionic.js
      • web-animations.min.js
    • web-animations.min.js web animations API polyfill

Source files:

  • src/es5 - Ionic ES5 source files in both CommonJS and System module formats
  • src/es6 - Ionic ES6 source files
  • src/ts - Ionic TypeScript source files (typings still missing)
  • scss - Ionic Sass source files


At the moment, ionic-framework exports one function, generate, that can be used to scaffold new pages in an Ionic app. It is used by the Ionic CLI's generate command.



Creates the js, html, and scss file for a new page, based on the supplied Generator.

  • config (Object) Config object, with the following options:
    • appDirectory - root directory of the Ionic project
    • generator - which generator to use, default is page.
    • name - the name of the component to generate.


var ionic = require('ionic-framework');
ionic.generate({ appDirectory: process.cwd(), generator: 'tabs', name: 'MyTabsPage' })


  • page, a blank page
  • tabs, a page with tab navigation


Temporary home of the Ionic 2 code base

License:Apache License 2.0


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