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Portable openssh with Damien’s chacha20-poly1305 patch

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See http://www.openssh.com/txt/release-6.4 for the release notes.

- A Japanese translation of this document and of the OpenSSH FAQ is
- available at http://www.unixuser.org/~haruyama/security/openssh/index.html
- Thanks to HARUYAMA Seigo <haruyama@unixuser.org>

This is the port of OpenBSD's excellent OpenSSH[0] to Linux and other

OpenSSH is based on the last free version of Tatu Ylonen's sample
implementation with all patent-encumbered algorithms removed (to
external libraries), all known security bugs fixed, new features
reintroduced and many other clean-ups.  OpenSSH has been created by
Aaron Campbell, Bob Beck, Markus Friedl, Niels Provos, Theo de Raadt,
and Dug Song. It has a homepage at http://www.openssh.com/

This port consists of the re-introduction of autoconf support, PAM
support, EGD[1]/PRNGD[2] support and replacements for OpenBSD library
functions that are (regrettably) absent from other unices. This port
has been best tested on AIX, Cygwin, HP-UX, Linux, MacOS/X,
NetBSD, OpenBSD, OpenServer, Solaris, Unicos, and UnixWare.

This version actively tracks changes in the OpenBSD CVS repository.

The PAM support is now more functional than the popular packages of
commercial ssh-1.2.x. It checks "account" and "session" modules for
all logins, not just when using password authentication.

OpenSSH depends on Zlib[3], OpenSSL[4] and optionally PAM[5].

There is now several mailing lists for this port of OpenSSH. Please
refer to http://www.openssh.com/list.html for details on how to join.

Please send bug reports and patches to the mailing list
openssh-unix-dev@mindrot.org. The list is open to posting by
unsubscribed users.Code contribution are welcomed, but please follow the 
OpenBSD style guidelines[6].

Please refer to the INSTALL document for information on how to install
OpenSSH on your system. There are a number of differences between this
port of OpenSSH and F-Secure SSH 1.x, please refer to the OpenSSH FAQ[7]
for details and general tips.

Damien Miller <djm@mindrot.org>

Miscellania -

This version of OpenSSH is based upon code retrieved from the OpenBSD
CVS repository which in turn was based on the last free sample
implementation released by Tatu Ylonen.

References -

[0] http://www.openssh.com/faq.html
[1] http://www.lothar.com/tech/crypto/
[2] http://www.aet.tu-cottbus.de/personen/jaenicke/postfix_tls/prngd.html
[3] http://www.gzip.org/zlib/
[4] http://www.openssl.org/
[5] http://www.openpam.org
    (PAM also is standard on Solaris and HP-UX 11)
[6] http://www.openbsd.org/cgi-bin/man.cgi?query=style&sektion=9
[7] http://www.openssh.com/faq.html

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Portable openssh with Damien’s chacha20-poly1305 patch



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