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A Home Assistant integration to receive live data sent from the LeafSpy app

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Component to integrate with leafspy.

This component will set up the following platforms.

Platform Description
device_tracker Track a Nissan Leaf using the Leaf Spy app.



  1. Using the tool of choice open the directory (folder) for your HA configuration (where you find configuration.yaml).
  2. If you do not have a custom_components directory (folder) there, you need to create it.
  3. In the custom_components directory (folder) create a new folder called leafspy.
  4. Download all the files from the custom_components/leafspy/ directory (folder) in this repository.
  5. Place the files you downloaded in the new directory (folder) you created.
  6. Restart Home Assistant
  7. In the HA UI go to "Configuration" -> "Integrations" click "+" and search for "Leaf Spy"

Using your HA configuration directory (folder) as a starting point you should now also have this:


Configuration is done in the UI

Android app configuration

Open the Leaf Spy app, go to Menu -> Settings and scroll down to Server. Change the following settings:

  • Enable: Yes
  • Send Interval can be whatever you prefer.
  • ID: <Car Name>
  • PW: secret generated when the integration was installed
  • Http or Https depending on the access to your Home Assistant install.
  • URL: webhook url generated when the integration was installed
    • Note: Do not add http or https to the URL.

Contributions are welcome!

If you want to contribute to this please read the Contribution guidelines

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A Home Assistant integration to receive live data sent from the LeafSpy app

License:MIT License


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