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PaddlePaddle Fluid API specification file

We currently enforce Fluid API cannot be modified without the permission of multiple developers.

This repo used to save API.spec file. If you found a CI error like below

[06:42:34]	API Difference is: 
[06:42:34]	+ paddle.fluid.InferenceTranspiler.__init__ 

You need to send a PR to this repo to change API.spec before.

How to generate API.spec

You need to build and install CUDA version of paddle, and generate API.spec by

python ${PADDLE_REPO_ROOT}/tools/ 'paddle.fluid' > API.spec

How to rerun CI

The CI in the Paddle repo must be rerun by the generated API.spec in your own repo. You can rerun CI job by setting the job parameter like


The URL can be obtained in your github repo and just click RAW file.

The PR of API.spec must be merged to this repo, then merge the PR in the Paddle right now.



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