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A Javascript library for state management in React applications

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Marty is a Javascript library for state management in React applications. It is an implementation of the Flux architecture.

Quick start

make build        # rebuild source
make test         # lint & run tests
make docs         # show documentation on http://localhost:4000


make release           # inc's patch, builds, creates tag, pushes to github and then publishes to npm
make release inc={inc} # specify what to version part to increment (major, premajor, minor, preminor, patch, prepatch, prerelease)
make release-docs      # builds documentation and copies into ../marty-gh-pages

Git Commit Messages

  • Use the present tense ("Add feature" not "Added feature")
  • Use the imperative mood ("Move cursor to..." not "Moves cursor to...")
  • Limit the first line to 72 characters or less
  • Reference issues and pull requests liberally
  • Consider starting the commit message with an applicable emoji:
    • πŸ’„ :lipstick: when improving the format/structure of the code
    • 🐎 :racehorse: when improving performance
    • 🚱 :non-potable_water: when plugging memory leaks
    • πŸ“ :memo: when writing docs
    • 🐧 :penguin: when fixing something on Linux
    • 🍎 :apple: when fixing something on Mac OS
    • 🏁 :checkered_flag: when fixing something on Windows
    • πŸ› :bug: when fixing a bug
    • πŸ”₯ :fire: when removing code or files
    • πŸ’š :green_heart: when fixing the CI build
    • βœ… :white_check_mark: when adding tests
    • πŸ”’ :lock: when dealing with security
    • ⬆️ :arrow_up: when upgrading dependencies
    • ⬇️ :arrow_down: when downgrading dependencies

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A Javascript library for state management in React applications

License:MIT License


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