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DMX Uplights MQTT Controlled

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See config/ directory for the particulars.

  • config/config.ini
  • config/

bin/ has the hard-coded fixture setup as I only have two fixtures and they are identical.

This repo is for sharing some code and is not supported in any way.

Sample HA light config:

platform: mqtt
schema: json
name: Uplights
command_topic: ha/light/rgb/uplights/set
state_topic: ha/light/rgb/uplights
availability_topic: ha/sbc/uplights/LWT
payload_available: 'Online'
payload_not_available: 'Offline'
brightness: true
effect: true
  - police
  - movie
  - party
  - colorloop
  - sound
  - night
  - reset
rgb: true
retain: true


DMX Uplights MQTT Controlled


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