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A curated list of Vapor-related awesome projects.

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Awesome Vapor Awesome

A curated list of:

  • modern libraries that easily integrate with Vapor and follow Vapor's philosophy of providing simple, clean yet powerful APIs,
  • well-written tutorials, books, videos and education materials,
  • tools to make your development process simpler and more enjoyable
  • and more!

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  • v3 API Error Middleware – Vapor middleware for converting thrown errors to JSON responses.
  • v3 APNS – Vapor APNS for iOS.
  • v2 AWS – Swift wrapper around AWS API.
  • v2 v3 Bugsnag – Report errors with Bugsnag.
  • v3 CSV Framework – A simple framework to read and write CSV files.
  • v3 Firebase Provider – Vapor Firebase Realtime database provider.
  • v2 v3 Flash – Flash messages between views.
  • v2 Forms – Tools for working with Forms in Vapor.
  • v2 Gatekeeper – Rate limiting middleware for Vapor.
  • v3 Imperial – Federated Authentication with OAuth providers.
  • v2 v3 JWT Keychain – Easily scaffold a keychain using JWT for Vapor.
  • v3 JWT Middleware – Middleware to Authenticate and Authorize Requests in Vapor.
  • v2 Leaf Error Middleware – Serve up custom 404 and server error pages for your Vapor App.
  • v2 Lingo Provider – Vapor provider for Lingo – the Swift localization library.
  • v2 v3 Leaf Markdown – Markdown renderer for Vapor.
  • v2 v3 MongoKitten – MongoDB driver in Swift.
  • v2 v3 Meow – An alternative codable ORM for MongoDB.
  • v3 Pagination – Simple Vapor 3 Pagination.
  • v2 Paginator – Query pagination for Vapor and Fluent.
  • v3 S3 Storage – Library for simple access to the Amazon S3 service.
  • v2 v3 Sanitize – Powerful model extraction from Vapor JSON requests.
  • v2 Sanitized – Safely extract and validate Vapor models from requests.
  • v2 v3 SendGrid Provider – SendGrid-powered mail backend for Vapor.
  • v2 Slugify – Convenience for sluggifying your strings.
  • v2 Storage – Eases the use of multiple storage and CDN services.
  • v2 v3 Stripe Provider – Stripe Provider for Vapor.
  • v2 v3 SwiftyBeaver Provider – SwiftyBeaver Logging Provider for Vapor, the server-side Swift web framework.
  • v2 v3 Sugar – A package of sugar for Vapor.
  • v2 v3 Telesign Provider – A Telesign provider for Vapor.
  • v2 UAPusher – Send push notifications using Urban Airship.
  • v2 VaporAPNS – Simple APNS Library for Vapor (Swift).
  • v3 Vapor Mailgun Service – A service to be used with Vapor to send emails.
  • v2 Vapor OAuth – OAuth2 Provider Library for Vapor.
  • v2 Vapor OAuth Fluent – Fluent Implementations For Vapor OAuth.
  • v3 Vapor reCAPTCHA – Validate Google reCAPTCHAs using Vapor.
  • v3 Vapor Request Storage – A replacement for request.storage which was available in Vapor 1 & 2.
  • v2 v3 Vapor Security Headers – Harden Your Security Headers For Vapor.
  • v3 Vapor Test Tools – Helper designed to make testing your endpoints in Vapor 3 pain-free.


  • Heroku buildpack: curl with HTTP/2 support
  • Ice – A developer friendly package manager for Swift; 100% compatible with Swift Package Manager.
  • Sourcery – Meta-programming for Swift, stop writing boilerplate code.
  • v2 Sourcery Templates – Building Vapor projects using meta programming with Sourcery.
  • Swifter – A macOS tool to help you manage your Xcode projects and give you a quick access to DerivedData folder cleaning and management.






  • VaporNation – Weekly Vapor newsletter with all things Vapor.


Open-source Projects

  • v2 CocoaHeads Russia – Server side API for the CocoaHeads Russia app.
  • v2 Server-side Swift Racing – Statistics on growth trend of all major server-side swift frameworks.
  • v2 Starred Search – Search READMEs in starred GitHub repositories.
  • v2 v3 SteamPress – A Blogging Engine and Platform written in Swift for use with the Vapor Framework.
  • v2 VaporBerlin – The backend of meetup website for VaporBerlin.
  • v2 Vapor Chat – A real-time chat client built with Vapor that features an iOS app.



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A curated list of Vapor-related awesome projects.

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